What comes in the S3 Masterclass Bundle?

The 4 Steps To Scalable Speaking Sales

1 HOUR 20 MINUTES of content - The four things every professional speaker will need to do in order to scale their speaking sales.

Immediately Increase Speaking Fees

1 HOUR 17 MINUTES of content - How we systematically learned to increase our per-engagement fee before, during and after our sales conversations.

Creating And Leveraging Video Testimonials

1 HOUR 13 MINUTES of content - Why testimonials are misused by most speakers and how to ensure you gather testimonials that convert future business.

What To Say (And Ask) On The Phone To Increase Speaker Sales

1 HOUR 12 MINUTES of content - Exactly what we learned to say (and not say) on the phone with decision makers after more than 8,000 tracked phone calls.

Customizing Your Talk (And How To Sell It)!

1 HOUR and 12 MINUTES of content - How we customize each of our talks to the audience and industry we're presenting to and how we use that as a competitive differentiator that allows us to win more gigs!

The Power Of Powerful Speaking Proposals

1 HOUR and 15 MINUTES of content - We outline each element of our speaking proposals to show how we communicate value and protect ourselves against cancellation, postponement or pandemics!

Finding And Qualifying An Endless Supply Of Speaking Prospects

1 HOUR and 23 MINUTES of content - Where to find and how to vet each speaking prospect to ensure that you're only pursuing qualified speaking prospects.

The COVID Campaign

1 HOUR and 8 MINUTES of content - We reveal the campaign we rolled out during the COVID pandemic that allowed us to provide needed value and systemized our spot in line for all future speaker selections!

Maximizing Fees And Reducing Negotiations

1 HOUR 8 MINUTES of content - In addition to maximizing fees, this masterclass also covered exactly how we reduced future negotiations so that we achieved maximum impact and income!

Moving From Free To Fee

1 HOUR and 7 MINUTES of content - For many speakers, converting free talks into ones for fee is the biggest challenge of their careers. This masterclass walks through the process we used to ensure every free talk generates revenue-based opportunities.

Pricing And Fees In A COVID World

1 HOUR AND 15 MINUTES of content - Speaking in a COVID and post-COVID world means we'll need to be aware of changes in pricing and fees. This masterclass shares what we learned after tracking changes across more than 400 industries.

The Business Of Virtual Speaking

1 HOUR AND 5 MINUTES of content - Speaking virtually is a different business model than traveling to conferences and the speakers that succeed in business are modifying their business models and sales systems to adapt. Here, we share exactly how virtual events changed the business of speaking.


Making Every Sales Call A Success

1 HOUR AND 33 MINUTES of content - Sales calls don't always generate sales but they CAN get us closer to getting the gig. In this masterclass, we reveal how we systemize that result.

Leveraging Live Polling And Surveys Into Speaker Sales

58 MINUTES of content - In this special masterclass, we reveal hw we leverage live audience polling as a differentiator during the SALES process, allowing us to demonstrate customization and engagement in ways that few speakers ever attempt or succeed at using!